New York vows to sue Trump!

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 New York vows to sue Trump!

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مُساهمةموضوع: New York vows to sue Trump!   الثلاثاء سبتمبر 05, 2017 8:21 pm

New York state on Tuesday vowed to sue president Donald Trump if he canceled a program to prevent the deportation of immigrants, who illegally arrived in the United States and were children.

The media indicated that Trump was planning to announce the cancellation of the program dubbed "Dremerz" (Dreamers) Tuesday, which allows a hundred thousands of illegal immigrant youths stay in the United States, but decided after meeting with his advisors yesterday at the White House preparing a comment of the programme.

According to the Politico site, US Attorney-in-chief Jeff Saenz was able to persuade Trump to entrust Congress with the order, explaining that the resolution of immigration issues belonged to the legislature and not to the executive.

"The actions of the president will fluctuate the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people who have seen only the United States," said Andrew Como, the Governor of New York State, in a joint statement with state prosecutor Eric Shenderman.

In a separate statement, Washington's attorney General Bob Ferguson threatened to take the legal measures available to "defend thousands of dreamers in Washington state."

Many MPs in the Republican Party warned of the suspension of the Dremerz program, which was triggered by a decree dating back to 2012 signed by former Democratic President Barack Obama.

The programme aims at the removal of illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States before the age of 16 years of illegal residency, which currently includes some 800,000 persons, who have been granted a two-year residence permit, renewable for the purpose of study or work.
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New York vows to sue Trump!
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