Define Of Berlin wall

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 Define Of Berlin wall

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The Berlin wall is the wall that had separated between East Berlin and West Berlin and the rest of the surrounding areas of East Germany. After the second world war ended in 1945, Germany was divided into four main areas under occupation at the Convention, which was known by the name of Yalta-Yalta agreement is signed between the Soviets and the British and the Americans led by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin and leaders respectively and discussed by these three leaders how Germany should be divided, and the way will be prosecuted by the Nazis, it was at this Convention split Germany into four zones The first master was under Soviet occupation and the second was under British occupation and the third under American occupation and the fourth under French occupation. At the Division of Germany into four zones were also split into four areas of Berlin.

Then I started the cold war which was between Socialists and capitalists, Berlin scene of events again, upon this war, or what is known as West Germany and the Federal Republic of Germany, on the U.S. territory and the British and French, in return the East Germany and Democratic Republic of Germany in the Soviet zone, where both secured well.

With the development of the cold war between the two camps, significant percentages of population moved to West Germany, via Berlin, threatening the eastern Germany capabilities that most migrants were educated, in order to prevent such large and massive migration which threatened at one time East Germany entity, in order to reduce this massive migration between the two Germanys eastern border control forces to control the building known as the Berlin wall. It was either the West or East Berliners get basic needs at the lowest prices as a result of black market weakened dramatically and economy of East Germany.

In 1989, after nearly 28 years since the Berlin wall territory and people, Member of the political Bureau of the Socialist Party of Germany declares during an informative conversation accidentally demise of restrictions on freedom of movement between the two Germanies which led to a large numbers of Germans when the Berlin wall which made this day know historically the name on the collapse of the Berlin wall.
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Define Of Berlin wall
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